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Residential Generators For Your San Antonio Home

Weather-wise, Texas doesn’t pull any punches. In this state, we get a little of everything: tornadoes, windstorms, heavy rains, hurricanes, even a little snow when the weather conditions are just right.

While all of these weather conditions can certainly be a headache as you try to go about your daily life, they can be a pretty serious headache if they wind up damaging your power lines, rendering you without power.

As anyone who’s ever had to go any amount of time without their power knows, such a situation can be a real headache. But as anyone who’s ever relied on medical machinery to survive knows, this situation can also be a dangerous one.

Luckily, you don’t have to be a sitting duck while you wait for Mother Nature to put you in that frustrating and even dangerous situation -- not if you have a residential generator!


With a backup residential generator, you never have to worry about how the harsh Texas weather might affect the power lines. You’ll always have power, no matter what row Mother Nature might be kicking up outside your home!

This benefit provides more than simple convenience, however. It also provides peace of mind should very young or very elderly people live in your home. Even if they don’t rely on medical devices, they are still particularly susceptible to extreme temperatures. Should your power go out, so would your HVAC system -- thus leading to an unsafe living situation for toddlers and the elders.

You can avoid this situation and any others caused by a lack of electricity by simply getting a backup residential generator installed in your home!


Jones Electric - Light Bulb Because backup generators can provide such protection and peace of mind for you and your family, you need to be sure to get only the most reliable generator installation possible. And to get that, you need to have yours provided by an experienced electrician.

And hereabouts the Alamo Heights area, that should be none other than your local San Antonio electrician at John Jones Electric. With over 30 years in the electrical business, we at John Jones Electric have the experience and know-how to outfit your home with the most dependable residential generator possible.

Your home should be safe, and those who live in it should remain protected throughout any weather conditions. And you can enjoy the best safety and peace of mind by calling on John Jones Electric for a residential generator installation!

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