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San Antonio Carbon Monoxide Protector Installation

Since your home is where you’ll wake up, go to sleep, and raise your family, it is likely to be the place in which you will spend the largest majority of your time. For this reason, you’ll want to be sure that your home is just about the safest place to spend that time.

Unfortunately, there are a number of threats to your safety that can occur within your home. And among these threats, one of the most deadly is carbon monoxide poisoning. What makes carbon monoxide so deadly is that is is almost impossible to detect by yourself.

You can remain protected against this deadly threat to your safety. To do so, just call up your local San Antonio electricians at John Jones Electric for a carbon monoxide detector! With that installation, you and your loved ones can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with carbon monoxide protection!

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Carbon monoxide (CO) leaks are particularly dangerous because of the following:

  • CO is odorless
  • CO is invisible

Because you can neither smell nor see carbon monoxide, should a CO leak occur within your home, you would be unaware of it. Thus, slowly and quietly, it could run the risk of choking you to death!

With a carbon monoxide alarm provided by the electricians at John Jones Electric, however, you can become aware of CO the moment it becomes present. A carbon monoxide alarm is designed to pick up on this dangerous substance, sending off an unmissable siren the moment carbon monoxide is detected and, thus, allowing you and your family to get out before it can silently kill you.

Your family should remain protected from life’s less friendly surprises. And with carbon monoxide protection such as a CO alarm, you can be sure to keep your brood safe from even this silent surprise!

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