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About John Jones Electric

Established in the San Antonio area in 1986, we at John Jones Electric have been providing quality electrical work to homeowners and business owners in the area for over thirty years now.

This work includes everything from installations to repairs and even troubleshooting to help locate and address potential issue with your electrical system.

We even offer a variety of specialty services to help make your home or business the best one possible for you:

  • Hot tub wiring
  • Landacape lighting
  • Ceiling fan work

Whether you are looking to have a new electrical system installed or to have your existing one worked on, you can rely on the experienced local electricians at John Jones Electric to provide you with quality work at a great price!


Your electrical system never gets a break. Day and night, it chugs along to help keep your property safe, efficient, and comfortable. Unfortunately, though, this non-stop work can lead to wear and tear and, ultimately, breakdowns.

Should your electrical system be experiencing any of those issues, just call on the experienced local San Antonio electricians at John Jones Electric. We’ll get your electrical system working like new once more thanks to our thorough electric repair services!


Electrical problems can be common, but frustratingly, they can manifest themselves throughout your entire home -- while the problem is localized to maybe one little area.

If your home is demonstrating problems with its electrical system but you’re unsure of the cause of those problems, don’t hesitate to call on the experienced pros at John Jones Electric. We’ll find and address the source of any electrical problem thanks to our quick and accurate troubleshooting service!


Your electrical system is one of the most important ones in your home. You’ll use it day and night for a variety of purposes, and for that reason, you’ll need to keep it in the best and most reliable shape that it can possibly be in.

To keep your electrical system in just that kind of shape, don’t hesitate to call on the experienced pros at John Jones Electric for ALL of your electrical needs. From installations to repairs and everything in between, we at John Jones Electric have all the experience and the dedication to quality work to ensure that your electrical system will continue running like a dream for many years to come!

If you are looking for more information about John Jones Electric then please call 210-525-0013