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When building a structure, one has a variety of codes to adhere to -- including a National Electrical Code (NEC). Should one fail to adhere to this code, they could face some serious punishments, including hefty fines and even imprisonment!

Of course, not all cases of code noncompliance are due to careless contractors or oversights or anything like that. Sometimes, they just develop over time as codes change or even as a building’s electrical system wears down.

Whatever the case may be, not adhering to NEC standards could result in more than just fines or prison time for the guilty party. It could also result in an unsafe electrical system -- one which could even result in fires or electrocutions!

If you have doubts regarding whether your home or business’s electrical system adheres to NEC regulations, then call up your local San Antonio electricians at John Jones Electric today. We can check your building for code compliance, and if we find anything not up to code, we can remedy that issue with a code correction!


As mentioned above, a building that does not strictly adhere to the NEC standards can be a dangerous one indeed. After all, these standards are not arbitrary. They are put into place after careful consideration regarding the safest way to install an electrical system.

Thus, if your home or business either is not built to these standards or, over time, deviates from those standards through wear or the like, then that building could wind up being a decidedly dangerous place in which to reside.

The dangers you could experience in such a structure are fatal ones indeed:


If you own a home or business, then you’ll spend perhaps the majority of your time there. And if your home or business doesn’t adhere to NEC standards, then you could be putting yourself in danger a majority of your life.

Don’t put your or anyone else’s safety or life at risk. If you have any doubts about your building’s code standards, call up your local electricians at John Jones Electric. We’ll provide a thorough electrical inspection for code compliance and provide any code corrections requiring that we do so.

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