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Jones Electric - troubleshooting If you want to keep your family as safe as can be, then there are two devices you MUST have installed within your home: a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detectors. As their names imply, these devices are made to detect fires and carbon monoxide, warning you and your loved ones the moment these dangers are present.

Of course, it’s not enough simply to put those devices in your home. You need to keep them working reliably through the years so that you can trust they will work when you need them to. And to keep them working just that reliably, you’ll need to call an experienced electrician.

And here in Converse, that electrician should be the experienced electricans at John Jones Electric! With our 30-plus years of experience, we at John Jones Electric can help to keep your family safe with our smoke and carbon monoxide detector work and electrical repairs!


You can install the most reliable security system and keep yourself sufficiently armed, but those steps won’t do anything to keep your loved ones safe should a fire or a carbon monoxide leak occur within your home. Then, you could quickly find yourself overtaken by flames or silently choked by CO.

Of course, you don’t have to simply hope that such problems don’t affect your home. Instead, you can always call on your local electricians at John Jones Electric to provide you with reliable smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. From installation to upkeep, we at John Jones Electric can keep your family as safe as can be with the most reliable smoke and carbon monoxide detectors possible!


Of course, smoke and fire are not the only dangers that can manifest within your home. You also might face the risk of the dangers that can develop because of worn-out electrical components. These dangers STILL include fire risks, but they also include electrocution risks!

Should your electrical system be in the kind of shape that makes such dangers likely, don’t sit and wait for disaster to strike you or a loved one. Instead, call on your local electricians at John Jones Electric. With our thorough electrical repairs, we can keep your electrical system running as reliably and -- more than that -- as safely as can be through the years!


Converse errs on the warmer side. Its summers are oh, so hot and humid, while its winters are generally milder. This means that, if you live in Converse, you’ll all but remain attached to your air conditioning unit as you strive to beat the heat all year long.

Of course, to maintain reliable air conditioning, you’ll need to maintain a reliable electrical system. And to remain the MOST reliable electrical system possible, don’t hesitate to call on Converse’s local electricians at John Jones Electric to handle ALL of your electrical needs!

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