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Whole House Surge Protection in San Antonio

There is one installation that your home that you cannot do without: a surge protector. A surge protector will help to keep you and your costly electronics safe from electrical overloads.

These overloads can occur because of either lighting from outside of your home or the electronics within your home. In either case, an overload, or surge, could damage your valuable and much-needed electronics, leaving you with a very costly headache indeed!


Nowadays, we have and rely upon more electronics than we ever have before. Along with the staples that have been with us for decades (coffee makers, washers, dryers, Electric Heaters, and A/C units), we now have our computers and many handheld devices that need to be charged daily.

All of this technological growth has put more and more electrical demands on our homes over the years. This has also increased the likelihood that some valuable electronic could become damaged if a surge occurs -- an event which becomes more likely the more electronics are being used in your home.

But with a surge protector, you can help to avoid damaging something costly and useful. Like a bouncer, your surge protector will prevent too much electricity from overcrowding and, thus, damaging the nightclub that is your electronics, thus helping to protect them.

You can, of course, get individual surge protectors to protect selected devices. However, that is not the most thorough option you can take to protect your home and your devices. After all, you’ll rely on your coffee maker as much as you will your tablet nowadays. So, rather than pick and choose which devices to protect, you should . . .


Jones Electric - Small Wiring Box Your coffee maker is just as important as your washer and your tablet and your hair dryer and all else. So why pick and choose which ones get that much-needed protection from surges?

You shouldn’t! Instead, you should have all your devices protected by a whole home surge protector that will, as its name says, protect your entire home and all the electronics in it from harmful surges.

To enjoy the best surge protection and, thus, the best peace of mind in your own home, you need to have your whole home surge protector provided by an experienced San Antonio electrician.

And with over 30 years of experience, we at John Jones Electric have all of the experience and the expertise you’d need! Your home and electronics are valuable and necessary, so you need to keep them as protected as can be. And with a whole home surge protection provided by John Jones Electric, you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy the best possible protection from harmful electrical surges.

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