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Jones Electric - smoke detector Do you own a business or a home? If you do, then you’ve got a pretty big responsibility on your hands. After all, either kind of property requires some pretty substantial work to keep it running efficiently and -- more so -- SAFELY through the years.

And much of this work extends to your property’s electrical system. This setup needs a bit more work than many other components within a building since you’ll use it more than any other component, thus leading to more wear -- which itself can lead to the risk of a fire!

If you want to keep your home or business’s electrical system in the kind of shape that keeps you safe from fire damages, then call on your local electricians at John Jones Electric. With our quality electrical repair and rewiring services, we at John Jones Electric can keep your electrical system in the most reliable and the safest shape possible!


You’ll use your electrical system every day for a variety of reasons: using your lights, turning on your devices, and CONSTANTLY heating or cooling the place with your HVAC system. This constant usage can damage your electrical system, leaving you at risk of electrical and fire damage!


Your electrical wiring is the lifeblood that keeps your electrical system running. This means that your electrical wiring will incur constant use as you use your electrical system constantly. And THIS, unfortunately, means that your electrical wiring will experience wear and tear constantly -- in time leaving it unreliable and unsafe condition.

If your electrical wiring has been reduced to such a state, don’t wait for it to lead to an electrocution or fire or the like. Instead, call on your local electricians at John Jones Electric, and with our rewiring service, we’ll get that old wiring replaced with a new one that will run safely for many years to come!


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And if you are looking for an electrician who has the experience to ensure that your electrical system will work reliably for the years, then you’ll love Bulverde’s local electrician at John Jones Electric! With over 30 years in the business, we at John Jones Electric have all the experience and expertise needed to keep your electrical system in the best condition possible!

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