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It’s true that Texas gets pretty hot in the summer. But it’s also true that Texas gets pretty cold in the winter -- so cold, in fact, that you could be in a dangerous situation indeed if you remained unprotected from the cold all winter long.

Happily, these days, it’s the easiest thing in the world to stay warm when Old Man Winter is blowing up a storm outside. All you need is a reliable indoor heating system! Indeed, indoor heating is so commonplace that we even get to enjoy different kinds of heating systems: gas and electric!

Of course, when it comes to picking which of the two heating systems is right for you, you’ll find that the two aren’t made the same. That’s not to say one is worse than the other -- they simply have their own draws and drawbacks.

And when it comes to electric heat, you’ll find that the draws are very compelling! Should you get electric heat over gas? Perhaps -- if you like . . .


Depending on where you live, electricity can be significantly more affordable than gas can be, and here in the Alamo Heights area, that’s certainly the case. Thus, through the years, you’ll find that electric heat is the more economic option.

But even if you’re not interested in long-term savings but rather immediate savings, you’ll still find that electric heating edges out gas! After all, the cost of installing an electric heating setup is considerably lower than installing a gas one, which requires new piping and ventilation to be installed as well.

Miss that mess -- get electric heat, and enjoy saving money from the start till the end.


Jones Electric - Home Interior Because gas furnaces rely on combustion to warm your home, they can significantly decrease the quality of your indoor air. As they let in dirty particles, those particles can circulate throughout your home, causing you to develop allergies and respiratory issues.

Worse than that, though, a gas furnace poses a much higher risk of serious injury to you and anyone who lives in your home. After all, they pose the risk of causing a gas leak -- which can lead to an explosion!

With an electric heating unit, though, you can avoid those threats to your comfort and, more importantly, to your safety. Comfort is important, but being safe in your home is far more important. With an electric heating unit, you can be sure to enjoy the best comfort and safety possible!


If you want to enjoy the best electric heating possible, then be sure to have your electric heat work provided by your local San Antonio electricians at John Jones Electric. With our 30-plus years of experience, we at John Jones Electric can provide you with top-quality electric heating work, guaranteed!

This work extends from installation to upkeep and all the way to a full-blown heating unit replacement should the time come for that. Thus, with the local pros at John Jones Electric, you can count on getting and keeping the best electric heat for your home and family!

Winter is blowing in, and when it finally settles in, you need to keep warm and protected with a quality heating unit. And as you outfit your home with a heating unit, go for the most affordable and the safest unit there is -- go for electric heat!

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