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Keeping Your Home Safer With Security Lighting Installation

Keeping Your Home Safer With Security Lighting Installation

Hiring professional electricians is usually about repairs or installing recessed lighting for a bedroom remodeling project. However, savvy and protective homeowners realize the importance of installing security lighting for an added measure of protection for their property.

Even if you already have a security alarm system installed or monitoring services, adding lighting can be a game-changer for your home. The best part is that modern security lighting system options are lower voltage, so it's not even a high added cost for your monthly utility costs.

Safeguarding Your Home With Security Lights

If you've been considering adding lighting to your property for extra protection, what's stopping you? Let's review some of the things you should know to help nudge you in the right direction regarding adding security lighting to your home.

  • Eliminate Shadows - You don't have to light your yard up as bright as daylight to deter criminals. However, proper lighting placement prevents dark shadows for criminals from hiding or gaining access to your home without detection.
  • Light Entryways & Pathways - Proper lighting should also make conditions safer and more user-friendly for the people who should be there. Use security lights to illuminate walkways and entry ways for safer and easier maneuvering to, from, in, and out of the home.
  • Bypass Motion Detectors - Motion sensors tend to be too easily triggered by the wrong things and don't successfully deter intruders because they've already gained access to your property. What commonly happens is homeowners get tired of bright lights triggered by a squirrel or a falling leaf and discontinue using the lights, so they can't activate when a real threat appears.
It takes proper planning and professional installation for adequate lighting. Don't attempt to DIY the project and blind your neighbors but fail to create the rings of security that help fight crime.

Help Is On The Way

Choose to work with John Jones Electric, and you'll be more than satisfied with the outcome of your job. We care about our customer's satisfaction and will work hard to impress you with our workmanship.

Now is the time to call in the San Antonio area and let our skilled electricians install your security lighting. Protect your property, safeguard your loved ones, and give yourself valuable peace of mind.

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