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How Can I Tell When I Need to Get an Electric Repair?

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A home requires a substantial amount of work -- work that you will have to keep up with your whole life long.

Unfortunately, because you’ll often be so inundated in work around your home, you might begin to overlook some components within that could be in serious need of attention!

One of the most serious of these components is your home’s electrical system. Because you’ll use your electrical system constantly, it has a high risk of developing issues.

But because you might be so busy addressing other areas of your home, you might not always notice when your electrical system is in need of work -- especially since the signs of electrical problems might not always be quite as obvious as, say, a tub leak or a broken dishwasher.

If you want to keep your home’s electrical system in the best shape possible, then you need to know some of the more common signs that it is in need of a repair. And to learn what these signs are, just read on, and our quick list of some common signs of electrical problems should clear things up!


Of all the signs that your electrical system is experiencing issues, this one is perhaps the most easy to detect. If your lights seem to flicker and dim, especially as you operate your devices (particularly the more energy-demanding ones), then your electrical system needs to be looked at ASAP!


Have you ever turned on the stove to bring a pot of water to a boil only to look and see that that water has barely begun to bubble after the point where you’d expect it to be at a rolling boil? If so, then you might need to get your electrical system looked at. After all, inefficiently working devices are a sign that your electrical system is not able to provide the power that it should be able to because of damages.


This is perhaps the most disconcerting sign that your electrical system is in need of work. The smell of smoke can be a sign that some of your electrical wires are becoming frayed. Frayed wires can lead to arcs, which can lead to fires. Don’t put yourself at risk of a fire. The moment you smell smoke throughout your home, call in for an electric repair!


If you notice any of the signs that your electrical components are in bad shape, then don’t hesitate to call a professional electrician to handle those repairs for you.

And here in the San Antonio area, your go-to electrician should be the experienced local experts at John Jones Electric! With over 30 years in the business, we at John Jones Electric have the know-how and the expertise to get all of your electrical problems handled quickly and thoroughly!

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