San Antonio GFCI Receptacle Installation

 San Antonio GFCI Receptacles

Ground Fault Interrupters work to protect you in areas of your home that could be dangerous if the correct conditions are present. Living areas that are near a water source like your kitchen sinks, bathrooms, outdoor receptacles, basements or garages all need to have GFCI receptacles installed. The GFCI monitors the electrical current leaving the receptacle and any deviation of 6 milliamps will cause the GFCI to trip. If you don't already have a GFCI receptacle in these areas of your Texas home, you should have one installed by our expert San Antonio electricians.

The GFCI receptacle is unique and can be identified by the presence of "reset" or "trip" button. If your home doesn't have this type of electrical protection, then it is recommended that you have them installed immediately to protect your home and family.

Our San Antonio GFCI Receptacle Services

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We Provide GFCI Receptacles to the Following Areas

Alamo Heights, TX - 78209 | Boerne, TX - 78006 | Bulverde, TX - 78163 | Converse, TX - 78109 | Fair Oaks Ranch, TX - 78015 | Helotes, TX - 78023 | Olmos Park, TX - 78212 | San Antonio, TX - 78209, 78212, 78228, 78230, 78232, 78216, 78217, 78218, 78248, 78249, 78250, 78251, 78247, 78258, 78259, 78260, 78261 | Schertz, TX - 78154 | The Dominion, TX - 78257 | Timberwood Park, TX - 78260 | Universal City, TX - 78148 | Spring Branch, TX - 78070

Why San Antonio Should Hire Us for GFCI Receptacles

John Jones Electric is grateful for all of our loyal customers in the San Antonio area that keep relying on us for quality electrical work. Regular electrical inspection and maintenance of the wirings in your San Antonio house or office will help you address potential electrical issues immediately, before they become worse. We specialize in San Antonio electrical wiring, electrical systems, circuit breakers, rewiring and Texas electrical repairs.

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