Bathroom GFCI Receptacles and Electrical Components in San Antonio

Bathroom GFCI receptacle in San Antonio protection is required by the NEC (National Electrical Code), and of course by the common sense – why would you risk getting electrocuted if you can secure your safety by installing a San Antonio GFCI outlet?

Since some bathrooms are currently equipped with many electrical current hungry devices, power supply requirements had to be slightly adjusted. We used to have a bathroom sharing an electrical circuit with exterior outlets, the kitchen, and a garage – not anymore.

Of course, the minimum requirement listed below is not going to work if you add a steam shower, heated electric floor, hydro-spa heater, several light fixtures, heat lamps, etc. For all that additional equipment load calculation would have to be performed, but now, let me cover the basics.

The minimum requirement for a single bathroom is one, 20-ampere rated electrical circuit. This electrical circuit should not be used for anything else than outlets and equipment within the bathroom.
All new bathroom outlet receptacles must be GFCI protected, and 20 ampere rated (assuming, they are installed on #12 wire).

  • Each bathroom sink must have a GFCI receptacle located within 3′ from its outside edge
  • If you are replacing an old, not GFCI type bathroom receptacle, you have to install currently required GFCI type outlet in its place (unless this circuit is already protected by another GFCI receptacle or GFCI breaker – however a breaker will not protect ungrounded electrical installation)
  • Hydro-massage tub must be protected by a GFCI receptacle or breaker, and must have a disconnecting means in sight of motor – most of the tubs have a cord and plug which can be simply pulled out of the socket. Hydro-spa with a hard wired motor should have a ON/OFF switch mounted in sight of motor
  • Hydro-massage tub motor terminal needs to be bonded to the water pipe (cold) with solid #8 copper wire. The bonding is prohibited for a listed double-insulated type motors (it should say on the motor label, and there will be no terminal).
  • Hydro-massage tub motor must be accessible, and the access panel large enough for servicing.
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