A San Antonio Surge Protector Can Save A Lot Of Money By Protecting Electronics

There is one thing that all San Antonio electricians, or handy-men that have electrical experience will tell you, and that is to use a surge protector when having to plug in multiple devices in one location. This helps prevent an overload of electricity that normal extension cords can not stand up to. Another reason to […]

Why Install Surge Protection in San Antonio?

Surge protection in San Antonio is something every home should have especially if the homeowner wants to preserve the quality of their appliances. The fact is that the electricity passing through a home is not always constant. It can go up and down due to power outages, downed lines or a strong power usage from […]

San Antonio Smoke Detectors – Early Fire Detection Saves Lives

It’s hard to pinpoint one single component of home security that’s the most important, so let’s treat each item with equal importance, starting with San Antonio smoke detectors. Most of us have experienced the frustration of hearing that little intermittent beep that is loud enough to be heard, but irregular enough that it’s hard to […]

The Power of Home Generators in San Antonio

San Antonio Home generators are one of the most useful machines ever invented. Because of the rapidly evolving technology, people have grown accustomed to making work easier through the use of electricity. In one way or another, electricity is present in almost everything people do – from charging cellular phones to surfing the Internet to […]

San Antonio Generators: Assuring Reliable Energy Source during Emergencies

Significant additions to one’s home bring about improvement to the quality of living for those who reside in it. It can be done for luxury, upkeep, refurbishing, space management, energy conservation, and preparedness for emergencies. Acquiring generators falls under preparedness for emergencies. With such equipment available, there is no need to worry about unexpected power […]

What Is a San Antonio Carbon Monoxide Detector?

A San Antonio carbon monoxide detector, commonly known as a CO detector, is an electronic device that detects the presence of the carbon monoxide gas in the air. It is a colourless and odourless compound produced by incomplete combustion, and increased exposure can result in carbon monoxide poisoning and death. Virtually undetectable by human senses, […]

Protect Your Family With A San Antonio CO Detector Today

The need for installing smoke detectors is clearly understood as an essential means of highlighting imminent danger. However smoke is usually easy to see and smell unlike carbon monoxide, which is colourless, odourless and tasteless. Carbon monoxide in San Antonio is a highly poisonous toxic gas, often referred to as the ‘silent killer”, and is […]

San Antonio Ceiling Fans 101

Ceiling fans in San Antonio are electrically-powered fans suspended from the ceiling.  Unlike air conditioners, they do not change air temperature, instead, they circulate air. They only introduce movement to the air through their rotating paddles. There are, however, some fans that reverse the direction in which the blades move, therefore helping in heating and […]

Your San Antonio House needs an Electrical Inspection

It’s understandable if you’re cocking your eyebrows right now, wondering “Electrical inspection? Why would I need one? My lights work just fine!” Indeed, having their electricity regularly inspected is one of those important maintenance procedures that most homeowners often overlook. At the most, inspections were only called for when a fuse had already blown up […]

The Benefits Of Electric Heating Systems in San Antonio

Today, San Antonio electric heating systems can be regarded as a significant development for the home heating industry. Their increased presence and popularity is due to their refined mechanisms and economical nature. Electric radiators are an advancement of the traditional gas radiators. However, when compared with a traditional gas “wet” system, electric heating can provide:- […]

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